What is Zabbix?

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What is Zabbix?
Zabbix is a free open source network management system. Zabbix monitors network and server related aspects, and reports to the user any potential threats or dangers in the system. Zabbix is also useful in monitoring performance such as CPU usage and disk space availability. Zabbix is developed by Zabbix SIA, a company based in Riga, Latvia which also develops other professional IT solutions for businesses. Zabbix was founded by CEO and Product Manager Alexei Vladishev. According to Zabbix, their mission is to make an affordable and accessible monitoring solution that is affordable for every computer user.

One of the most lauded features of Zabbix is the ability to configure it in such a way that almost all alerts can be sent directly to the email, so that warning and response time can happen much quicker. Trend graphs can also be shown in order to see in a glance where bottlenecks are taking place. Using algorithm, Zabbix can also predict problems before they actually cause a problem, based on past experience.

Zabbix is especially useful for businesses, and because it is a freeware, many small businesses have taken advantage of this, making Zabbix one of the leading software of its kind.

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