What Is Yugioh Online?

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What Is Yugioh Online?
Before Yugioh online came to existence, the comic version actually took place first. It was developed by Kazuki Takahashi. Yet, with the inspiration of that comic, the actual card game was developed. Eventually, it became a hit animated series in the creation of Nihon Ad Systems. Since it has become very popular not only in Japan where it came from, but in the rest of the world, the Yugioh online was eventually developed.

The nature of Yugioh online is a trading card game just like how it works in the series. The good thing here is that you will not simply watch, but you can now do it by yourself. Back then, the Yugioh card game has become a huge hit that it actually reached over 22 billion cards sold all over the world. And it has reached different continents starting from Asia to the rest of the world.

It was in 1999 when the craze actually started. However, these days, you must no longer collect the actual cards, but play the Yugioh online game. The moment it was introduced, it has also automatically gained support from kids of all ages and became an instant hit.

There are important terms that you have to remember when playing Yugioh online. If you are familiar of the card game, these terms won’t be new to you. The first one is deck which would mean that pile of cards drawn during your turn. You also need the extra deck. This is a separate deck and it contains special characters that can only be used in certain instances.

You also have to be familiar of the term graveyard. This means the cards that were discarded, destroyed, or have lost the battle will be placed here. The trap zone is another term in which you are to place up to 5 spell at once. You might also encounter monster zone and field spell zone.

You will just discover more of these as you start playing Yugioh online. Rest assured this will be very fun and exciting.

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