What is XXI?

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What is XXI?
XXI is a file extension mainly associated with IGN Entertainment’s “Gamespy Arcade”. Gamespy Arcade is a gaming freeware capable of accommodating multiple players. This means that anybody who plays the game can interact with the other players whether they are from different parts of the world.

Gamespy Arcade is a free software but one can also make a subscription if additional features and benefits are desired. This web-based game also allows for users to create and personalize their own profiles, permit voice chatting and instant messaging with other players. It also involves specific user and game staging rooms for a great gaming experience.

When users are confronted with an XXI file, most do not know which program to open it with. Some may even had the experience of receiving an XXI file but is unable to open it using Windows for example. But as with most files, it is suggested to let the computer decide which program to open it. The user just needs to double-click on the file and the computer will find the appropriate program to view and open the file. Users just have to make sure that files that are not familiar, like those with XXI extensions, must come from reliable sources only. If in doubt, whether the file is a legitimate file or a virus, one may need to make some research on the internet, or scan the file with an updated anti-virus program. Or to make things a little easier, it may be best to contact friends who are computer experts to check on a particular XXI file before opening it.

In times when Windows cannot open the XXI file itself, it may also mean that your computer does not have any program that is capable of opening the particular XXI file. Or worse, your computer may have some problems in the registry. It could be some corrupted registry files or some files may have been deleted in the system. In either case, expert advice is required to know which program can open the XXI file or to know what part of the registry needs to be fixed.

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