What is XSD?

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What is XSD?
XSD is the short term for XML Schema Definition which is a method to validate and describe some data in an XML format. Schema for instance is defined as a model for the description of a particular structure of information.

XSD is a valid and used language for the definition of certain XML documents given that it is in itself a type of XML based language. All statements of this language are written in the format of an XML. In order for an XML document to be valid in using XSD schema, it must have attributes, elements and entities that meet the declared formats defined in the schema.

There are main features of the XSD document aside from its compatibility with documents having the XML format. One ‘schema’ statement basically gives definition to only one schema. There are certain features needed to define the details of the schema statement using the XSD format. It must include element, simpleType and complexType. All the statements that describe the schema could be potentially included in the XML document. You could also store the XSD statement used for the definition of the schema in a different file. However, it could be utilized and easily linked to the XML file it defines.

It is much more advantageous compared to other earlier versions of the XML languages like the DTD. It requires no additional tools like parser since it is a language which is also written in the XML environment. Thus, it could give definition for a much richer set of the types of data such as numbers, dates, Booleans, times and even currencies. With these important definition capacities, it is with no doubt that XSD is a valuable element used in the e-commerce applications. Moreover, it could more easily validate certain documents which are based on namespaces.

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