What Is Xref?

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What Is Xref?
If you have been using Autocad, you must be very particular of the term Xref. In fact, if you are an Autocad operator, it means a lot to you. This is actually the abbreviation of the term X-Reference. This means that the feature allows the operator to save time in doing the same changes in different drawings. Say for instance in a floor plan. If the floor plans are just the same, there is no need to do the editing repeatedly. The use of Xref will already do the trick.

The problem with the manual editing of these drawings is that it will really take time. More than that, there is a possibility of not having the exact editing due to some human errors. For sure, this will affect the design in general. However, with the use of Xref, it will be more accurate and it will hit the target just right.

Now, when doing an Xref, you are actually faced with two options. These are attaching and overlaying. These two can be very confusing and so it has to be cleared out. When you xref-attach one drawing into your drawing, the Xref will be nested in your drawing. This only means that if there will be any drawing that will further Xref this host drawing, it will then have both the main drawing and its attached Xref.

On the other hand, when you make use of Xref overlay, nesting does not take place. The drawing, will more or less serve as a guide in order for you to draw without nesting into it. Now, these two options are actually important and are used depending on the situation. Hopefully, you are all cleared up just in case you will be confronted of the same situation soon. Again, not only experts can practice the use of Autocad and so this is a very important thing to remember.

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