What is Xfire For?

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What is Xfire for?

Xfire is a freeware that is popularly used by online gamers. This particular software has instant messaging features wherein gamers can send messages and/or chat with friends who are also playing online. This makes it convenient for online gamers to be able to connect with friends through personal messages while playing with each other. But besides providing for the instant messaging needs of online gamers, Xfire also has a variety of features including browser-like features wherein one gamer will be able to view what his/her friends are playing and what servers they are connected to. It is also easy for gamers to instantly join a particular game that their friends are playing with the tools available in Xfire.

The best thing about Xfire is that it is able to combine various tools from multiple gaming platforms and different gaming programs. With everything combined, gamers will have ease of access on the various features and tools of several games. Xfire even has its own website wherein gamers can share to the world and their friends what they have achieved on their own games. Images and videos may be uploaded to this site so other XFire users and subscribers can view them. Xfire also allows peer-to-peer downloading of files making more convenient for online gamers to swap game-related files with friends.

Xfire is developed by a company named Ultimate Arena back in 2003. To start using Xfire, one just needs to download the free software over the internet. Once installed, a username is required to make a personal profile. Currently, Xfire is able to run on computers with Windows operating systems. Xfire also supports various games including League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Call of Duty, World of Tanks, Aion, Crossfire, Counter-Strike, Runescape, and Half-life among many others.

Today, there are over 10 million Xfire users and members across more than 100 countries. With more games added to the platform regularly, more and more people are expected to join this huge online gaming community.

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