What is Xcelsius?

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What is Xcelsius?
Xcelsius is also termed as Crystal Xcelsius which is a system that helps you import snapshots from your Excel file. It is a very useful and helpful tool online because you could easily build a visual model through compiling and tying the important data in your file. You could also compile your final dashboard and combining it to your Flash SWF file where you could publish the final dashboard to a format of your choice. SWF refers to the graphics format engineered to operate Macromedia Flash Player.

Xcelsius is actually software designed to only operate with Excel XLS file and it would not work or import other file types which it is not compatible with. For instance, you could not work with text files such as dbf, txt and csv or even use Access MDB files. However, the good point of this is that you could use other Excel spreadsheets regardless of the size and operate it with the Crystal Xcelsius system.

In using this system, you must first start with the basic dashboard which requires Excel spreadsheet that already has data which have been analyzed and shaped. What the system does is to take a snapshot of the spreadsheet with data created and import it into the computer’s memory. After collecting the data and transferring it in the memory database, the system automatically disconnects with the used Excel spreadsheet.

The visual model is then built after the data is saved in the memory. The visual model created by Xcelsius is actually more like a PowerPoint slide. This is essentially the dashboard only in design mode. It starts with a plain and blank canvas where you could conveniently add more components such as charts, menus, tables, gauges and other utilities. It primarily allows you to add components of your choice and relating each one to the imported data.

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