What is WPS format?

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WPS format refer to files that are saved through the Microsoft works program.  This program is a document creation program similar to Microsoft Word but does not have several editing and formatting features.  Files saved with the WPS extension also do not contain mini-programs or macros which are standard to MS Word documents.  WPS files were common in older computers when document creation needs were considered basic and minimal.  The WPS format was exclusive to Microsoft Works and had its last version and support back in 2010.  Starting in 2006, the .DOC format or extension became the official text-editing software of Microsoft under its Word program.  After the development of Microsoft Works stopped, opening files created in WPS format may be done using other Microsoft software including Microsoft Word and Publisher.  Other WPS format files were also made available to other platforms including Macintosh operating systems.  With the support for this format eventually removed, newer WPS files can only be opened through other programs.

For computers that still contain files created in WPS format, opening them may not be as straightforward as it used to be.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to use other programs to handle files saved in WPS format.  For easier handling of WPS format files, users are generally advised to convert them into standard Microsoft Word files with .DOC extension.  Once the WPS file is opened for example, users just need to choose the “save as” option and select Word 97-2000 version to finalize the conversion to a Microsoft Word document file.  When the WPS file cannot be opened, users may also need to install Microsoft Works WPS file converters. Through a mini program, files saved in WPS format can easily be viewed and edited.  For easy handling of the old WPS file format, immediate conversion to the DOC format is always advised by experts.

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