What is WPF?

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What is WPF?
WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation and is a presentation sub-system used in creating user interfaces for applications that are based on Windows. Through WPF, web developers will be able to create user interfaces that work with various media and documents.

WPF used to be called “Avalon” and was initially released along with .NET Framework version 3.0. It contains a set of libraries that help in the creation, manipulation, and display of user interfaces, media like pictures and movies, and documents. These libraries also function as the engine for building, executing or running, and/or managing applications in the Windows operating system environment.

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WPF is said to employ XAML or eXtensible Application Markup Language, which is a type of declarative markup language derived from XML. XAML is developed by Microsoft for future generations of user interfaces used in managing Windows applications. Along with other programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, and some .NET Framework languages, XAML is used as a representation to the codes and controls in WPF.

One great feature of WPF is Direct3D quality graphics. This allows for the display of more complex images and themes including items placed on a particular desktop. WPF also allows scaling of many elements and controls on image display without distorting the pixels or without losing image quality. Another feature of WPF is that it allows developers to do data binding so they could configure and manipulate data within particular applications. WPF is also able to integrate user interfaces with various types of media like audio, video, and images. And with its 2D or 3D rendering system, WPF also allows for an animation system.

WPF is supported in Windows Vista and later versions. But it may also run on Windows XP SP2 and SP3, and on Windows Server 2003 with optional installation of required library files. The latest version, WPF 4, was released by Microsoft in April of 2010.

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