What is WPA2 Enterprise?

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What is WPA2 Enterprise?
WPA2 Enterprise means the enterprise provided by Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 which is the second version on the security method to WPA or Wi-Fi Protected Access. It provides much stronger and more reliable data protection as well as network access control. It is a particular encryption for the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 version with 802.1X authentication. This is known as the best security for Wi-Fi especially created for businesses which have obviously much more challenging connectivity demands compared to personal use.

WPA2 Enterprise is a version for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 which is basically designed for consumer Wi-Fi users. These are internet users which have different types of connectivity needs however require only one protection and assurance in terms of connecting in public places. Thus, the version was created with much higher level of assurance which only gives access to certified and authorized users. These are the only ones who could basically access the wireless networks present in a specific area or business establishment.

In order to know more about the enterprise version, it is also important to learn what the other type of WPA2 is about. The personal version protects unauthorized access of the wireless network through using a password setup. However, the enterprise version verifies the users of the network through a specified server. It is also important to note that WPA2 is also backward compatible with its preceding version, the WPA.

The Pre-Shared key or PSK or personal version is a type of mode which does not really provide substantial security especially for business purposes and venues. That’s because the encryption keys are much more vulnerable to hacking or cracking. However, the WPA2 enterprise is a mode which offers dynamic encryption keys which are securely distributed only when the user logs in with his username and correct password.

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