What is Work?

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What is Work?
Work is something that people do to serve a particular purpose or out of certain need. People exert physical, mental, and emotional effort to reach a certain goal which may or may not have a direct impact to him or his environment.

In the case of employment, people “work” for a purpose and serve a master or a boss in common terms. In this type of work, usually a contract is involved between the worker or employee and his/her employer. Terms of the contract usually include duration of work, salaries and wages, duties and responsibilities, benefits, and restrictions. In today’s fast-paced and money-driven world, it is very important for a person to find work to earn a living. Well, at least for the most part, people want to work or be employed because of the simple reason that they need money. Money will be used for daily needs and some wants. But for some people, money may not be a motivation for them. Some work for self-esteem concerns. These types of people value image and social status so much that they feel the need to get some form of employment. For some of these people, they see work as a social badge to be accepted by friends or family.

But aside from employment, work may also be related to the activities by people who stay at home. This type of work is referred to as house work or household chores. In this setup, there is no contract involved. Many people involve in work-like activities because they have to do it. For housewives for example, they are technically not paid to do the dishes and the laundry, but they do it for reasons like having to do it to take care of family, or doing it to impress other people.

But since work involves physical and mental effort, some people quit their jobs or walkout of their homes to escape what seemed to be an endless activity. It is important for people to choose what they really like and what they are passionate about for them to have the strength to continue work and be happy doing it.

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