What Is WIA?

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What Is WIA?
When you have already seen a WiA magazine, you basically know what it is all about and what its focus is. However, if you are not yet familiar of it, WiA stands for Women in Action. Well, the title of the said magazine can already stand for itself. However, if you are to really take a closer look at it, the WiA is more than just a magazine. In fact, it has been created to recognize women’s rights across the globe and fight for it.

The WiA has been in the circulation since the 1970’s.In short, for being there for several decades now; the said magazine has already achieved a lot in terms of furthering its advocacies. Speaking of advocacies, WiA is primarily designed to allow exchange of ideas and information among women. It has also paved the way for women to really voice out and say the words that they have been longing to say.

WiA became a space for feminists as well as activist to really have the strength and courage to air their side out. They made the magazine as an avenue for them to be heard and fight for different causes. This includes women’s rights, gender role issues, issues on women abuses and exploitation, and many others.

Since its inception, WiA has now become a worldwide phenomenon. It has already reached hundreds and thousands of women and has made a huge impact and difference in their lives. In fact, it has also become a very influential magazine for the society in general.

If you want to subscribe to the magazine as you find it interesting, you can have the individual subscription. You can also subscribe via different organizations and social movements. They are also distributed to different libraries and academes. The government of a few countries also subscribe to this including their different agency. Of course, women and gender equality advocates are the primary subscriber to this. Yes, pen is really mightier than sword and WiA is a proof to that.

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