What is Wi-Fi?

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What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, a trademark term by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a group that promoted and standardizes wireless LAN (local area network) technology. In the most commonly used sense, having Wi-Fi means being able to connect to the Internet minus the use of cables or wirings. Internet signals are transmitted from a Wi-Fi source, directly to your operating device such as a laptop of mobile phone.
In order to work, the user’s operating device must be fitted with a Wi-Fi network card, then a source of signal must be present, a wireless router. The router is able to connect to the internet through a modem, usually by cable or DSL. Typically, the range of Wi-Fi signal is at around 200 feet, but signal is stronger the closer a user is to the source. Wi-Fi can either be open (where a user can connect automatically) or password-protected (where a user needs to input an assigned password).
Wi-Fi works in the principle of interoperability of functions regardless of the brand. The Wi-Fi Alliance certifies hardware to ensure that it is compatible with other Wi-Fi certified products. However, the absence of a Wi-Fi seal does not necessarily mean the opposite is true for these products.
Today, there are many establishments that offer free Wi-Fi such as schools, coffee shops, restaurants and businesses. In some cases you need to pay for access, after which you will be given the password to connect. The areas where Wi-Fi signal can be used to connect to the internet are called ‘wireless hotspots’ or ‘hotspots’ for short. There are also currently millions of homeowners that have subscribed to having Wi-Fi at home.

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