What is Whey?

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What is Whey?

Whey is the byproduct of cheese-making, the liquid that is separated once the curds have formed. Whey is also called ‘milk plasma’, and can come in the form of sweet whey of acid whey, depending on its source. Whey is semi-transparent and cloudy in appearance, with a watery texture. Similarly, the liquid that separates from yogurt is also whey.
Whey contains high levels of lactose, and should therefore be specifically avoided by lactose intolerant people. Whey also contains a significant amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and some fat, which makes it a favorite supplement for body builders and those working to build up their body weight. In this respect, when can be found in dietary supplements and in shakes.
Whey is also used in baking and for the production of many processed foods. Traditionally, whey can also be drunk as an alcoholic beverage (whey mixed with alcohol) in pubs and coffeehouses.
In medicine, whey has been found to encourage insulin production in the body. This finding is helpful for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes, as whey have been found beneficial in helping the body avoid sugar level spikes.

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