What is Wet Sanding?

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What is Wet Sanding?
Wet sanding refers to a much cleaner alternative to the regular process used in sanding drywall mud for repairs and remodeling. It basically needs a type of special sanding sponge which is utilized in replacement of the traditional drywall sanding blocks and screens. In using the sanding sponge, it must be barely damp. It must also be frequently rinsed and wringed during the entire wet sanding process.

The process is a very good and reliable alternative used to make repairs especially on drywalls or plaster which have been badly damaged. If you are making remodeling tasks, you could also use this especially if the remodeling takes place in or nearby live-in parts of the house.

The requirement used for the wet sanding procedure basically needs damp sponge which is enough to lessen the amount of sanding dusts incurred. This dust could actually become airborne and may be very hazardous to the body especially the respiratory health. That’s why people or home owners who have allergies very much appreciate the process. They could actually have repair or remodeling in their house without ever having to leave the premise or bear with the results to their body. The technique is also a very good alternative especially in repairing or remodeling high-use areas of the house such as bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. It is basically important to trim down the mess which could normally occur during drywall repair.

A bucket of water nearby is vital if you are doing the process. This is necessary to rinse the sponge however the water must be changed especially when it gets murky. You could also use different types of grain sanding sponges such as fine or coarse sponges. The sponge for the wet sanding technique actually depends on what coat of mud you are dealing with.

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