What is WCW?

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WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday and it refers to a popular craze over social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.  Using WCW instead of the whole phrase, female members of social media platforms post it along with pictures of beautiful women that they admire or literally have crushes on.  WCW is often preceded by a hashtag symbol “#” which makes the post a type of metadata that is searchable online.  Anytime a person posts WCW with a hashtag as in “#WCW”, this particular post can then be searched on the social media platform and will contribute to its popularity.  Similar to other popular posts and tags, WCW is done by female social media members on Wednesdays.  Thursdays on Instagram for example is dedicated for “throwback” or old pictures and posts.  Wednesdays meanwhile is for posting of “women crushes” hence the WCW post or tag.

Most common photo tags that are used with WCW involve pictures of celebrities.  Women typically have female celebrity favorites and crushes of their own.  When photos of their favorite movie stars are encountered for example on any social media site, they may tag these photos or share them with other friends and put a tag on them using #WCW.  Posts like these basically tell other people that the user who posted such comment or tag admires the person or celebrity in the photo.  Social media members may also upload photos of other people like female friends and relatives and use the same WCW tag.  This particular craze has eventually caught on with a lot of female social media addicts with many of them sharing or commenting on similar posts.

There are also people who frequent social media sites that use the tag “WCW” or “#WCW” as some kind of a joke to their own friends or to other people.  Instead of posting a picture of a beautiful person or celebrity, some people upload seemingly ugly photos of their own friends or other random people.  Posts like these may seem like a mockery to the original intent of the tag #WCW, they also made the tag even more popular.

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