What is WBW?

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WBW is another internet slang or urban term which means “white boy wasted”.  This term is a reference to the stereotypical behavior of white kids or teenagers in the US who are either so drunk from too much alcohol or too intoxicated from illegal drugs. Being a WBW or a white boy wasted is considered the highest form of degree of being down from drunkenness or drug addiction.

When young kids in the US talk about themselves or other friends who got so drunk from a party for example, they may use the term WBW to emphasize how seemingly wasted they are. The term WBW originally applied only to white teenage kids who are always drunk or intoxicated from alcohol and drugs. The term eventually evolved to being used to describe anybody who is so drunk or one who always seemed to be addicted to drugs.  Whether the person being referred to is a male, female, as long as he/she fits the supposed characteristics of being totally wasted, he/she can be labelled as a WBW or a white boy wasted. This term also applies to people regardless if they are Caucasian or not.  Doing outrageous things while being drunk and intoxicated are basically the only requirement for people to be labelled as a WBW.

The term WBW has also become very popular because of the lyrics of one of the songs from the group Wallpaper.  Featured in the popular teenage movie 22 Jumpstreet, the song “Stupidfacedd” contains “white boy wasted” as part of the lyrics. The movie and the song has become a hit across the US especially among kids and teenagers. With this kind of popularity, more and more people used WBW as a term in describing others or themselves whenever they are drunk and intoxicated.  The increasing popularity of social networking sites also led to the increased usage of so-called internet slangs and terms like WBW among various others.

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