What is WBTB?

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WBTB stands for Wake Back To Bed and it refers to a kind of technique to help people achieve lucid dreams.  Dreams are referred to as lucid when they are so clear and vivid and when the dreamer is aware of it.  For some experts, lucid dreams can be induced through different techniques and one such technique is through WBTB or the Wake Back to Bed technique.

In WBTB, as the term suggests, involves a “waking up” period to induce clear and more vivid dreams.  It is said, that the details in dreams can be manipulated beforehand through thinking during the so-called wake-up period.  This period is induced just before the REM or rapid eye movement cycle of sleep.  As a person wakes up, he/she can practice thinking more about lucid dreaming.  This part of the process can be done through meditation or deep thoughts for example. Some people also become more relaxed can think deeply with the aid of relaxation music in the background. Others may also recite several mantras regarding lucid dreaming in order to have a better chance of having more vivid dreams. There are also people who want to jot down details of the dreams they want for the night.  During the wake-up phase, the main idea is to focus on lucid dreaming.  After this phase, people are then advised to go back to sleep.  As the WBTB technique is done over and over again, there will be more chances that lucid dreams will be achieved during sleep.

Lucid dreaming through the WBTB technique is said to be achievable with practice.  Some people also use this technique to help alleviate the stress and/or dangers of having nightmares.  WBTB is considered some kind of therapy for having bad dreams because the technique involves an awareness or partial consciousness during the entire sleep and dream cycle. Studies have shown that recurrent nightmares may be alleviated by practicing or inducing lucid dreams.

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