What is Wav?

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What is Wav?
Wav is a well-known and common term used in the computer industry. It basically means Waveform Audio File or in its much simpler form is known as wave file. However, a much easier term is referred to as .wav file or extension format. This type of format is a general term utilized for sound file. This extension was first introduced by world-renowned and big companies such as IBM in collaboration with Microsoft in the year 1991. The format was first used for the OS known as the Microsoft Windows 3.1 version.

In fact, this has insignificantly been present in the computer application and industry even before the existence of the digital audio tools. This type of file was the embedding in the audio application specifically the sound that is like a chime the moment you start and boot your computer and the Windows OS.

Another important application in relation with the wav extension is the RIFF. This is the abbreviated term of the Resource Interchange File Format. The system operates through the storage of the sound files especially in the indexes of your computer. There are similar formats used in Macintosh as well as Apple which are similar to the wav format. Therefore, it basically and easily operates on such computer systems.

There are different features which make this type of file very interesting and highly preferred by most computer users. First, it delivers and ensures a lossless type of file or formatting source which delivers 100% digitization of sound or audio. For instance, it never sacrifices the quality of the audio even when processing data or files which are compressed. Finally, it is a very foolproof tool used for editing data and controlling the format through using the operating software. The great news is that audio fanatics could access editing software for wav formats at no costs.

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