What Is Water?

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What Is Water?
Being one of the four basic elements for survival, water has played a major part in the continued existence of life in this planet. This actually sets Earth apart from all other planets and has been considered as the only planet capable of sustaining life, up to this very moment. In fact, water occupies the largest portion in the world’s area.

Water is also used for many purposes. This allows life under the sea to strive. It is also used for allowing marine vehicles to travel. It has also helped in maintaining balance in the ecosystem as every living creature needs water to survive. The problem now is that the water available in different parts of the globe is no longer that safe.

In fact, in most Africa countries, water is not just unsafe, but scarce as well. This is of course due to the changes in the environment as well as the increase for its demand. More than that, water pollution has already been a grave issue in any part of the world. The sea is no longer as clear as it was before. People have already started making the ocean a huge dumpsite. It has even caused the lives of hundreds and thousands of marine animals. It has even caused too many problems that are actually interconnected. In short, human beings still suffer the consequences that they have actually started in the first place.

Yes, water is and will always be an essential element for survival. Yet, with the problems faced these days, clean water will no longer be available for living creatures soon. Thus, if you wanted to preserve this for present and future use, you also have to do your part. Many groups have already made their moves for the preservation of safe and clean water. It is definitely the time for everyone to wake up and be alarmed of the situation.

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