What is VW DSG?

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What is VW DSG?
VW DSG refers to Volkswagen’s Direct-Shift Gearbox system which was designed by BorgWarner and initially launched on production cars in 2003. The DSG system involves a dual-clutch technology with multiple shafts on the manual gearbox. This particular system works as one unit with “full” or “semi” automatic control. It is said that the concept of the dual-clutch configuration were first used in racing cars back in the 1980s, but Volkswagen’s Direct-Shift Gearbox is considered the pioneer in dual-clutch transmission systems for production cars.

Volkswagen’s DSG system is said to provide a faster and more efficient shift times. And by eliminating the torque conversion on standard automatic transmission setups, DSG results in smoother gear changes. The twin-shafts that are controlled by electronic means allow for better management when selecting gears. In simple terms, the next gear shift is somewhat anticipated by the system resulting in better handling without affecting the car’s acceleration. Volkswagen also claims that the DSG system will result in better fuel mileage especially for the 7-speed versions even when this is compared with cars having manual gearboxes.

The twin-clutch system in DSG makes for faster gear-shifting, eliminating the lag that is commonly associated with standard automatic and manual transmission systems. It’s like having an intuitive clutch system wherein one shaft is on one gear while the other prepares to select the next gear in anticipation of the gear-change. The second shaft serves as a standby gear selection mode owing to the split-second gear-shift capability of Volkswagen’s DSG. This particular gearbox also offers two modes for the drivers namely the normal mode and the sporty mode. The gear-shifting system is basically the same except that in sporty mode, the DSG system leaves it a little longer to make gear shifts. Volkswagen’s DSG basically combines the good points of the manual and standard automatic transmission systems and even takes it several notches higher when it comes to driving experience.

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