What is VPN Used For?

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What is VPN Used For?
VPN is the abbreviation that means Virtual Private Network. It is a method or way to have a secured channel between a remote network and the local computer which you are working at. The remote network on the other hand is a computer network which is situated at a setting which is far from your physical location.

VPN is created and designed to respond to the increasing number and cases of severity as regards to security exploits. It is also important if you want to get rid of certain risks and threats from viruses, worms and any other malicious behaviors prevalent on the online world. This is basically the means of providing protection to your important data along with the network you are connected to.

Who are the people who could use the VPN? Virtual Private Network is basically a great means to secure data in local and remote computers. However, it is not a compulsory thing to utilize. If you are a UW-Eau user, you are basically not required to utilize the VPN. It is actually not a necessity especially if you could use some alternative methods. You could access your department drive which is represented by S: Drive, H: Drive, network resources and emails. More than just accessing it, you could also attain secure access without possibly using the VPN system.

VPN could be alternately used and in accessing email, Webmail is highly recommended. You could use two methods in accessing your H: Drive. These methods utilize web browsers such as Internet Explorer which is allowing read-only access. The other one provides both read and write access where you could open, edit, create new, save and delete the files you have chosen. You could create or get VPN through making the necessary connection between the VPN server and your computer.

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