What is VOM?

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What is VOM?
VOM is the abbreviated form of Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. It is a type of therapeutic and healing technology which basically diagnose what area of the nervous system is affected in an animal. The diagnosis determines what area has essentially mal-functioned and gone out of the proper communication. It is also use to re-establish whatever neuronal communication is affected therefore induces treatment and healing.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is a singular means which have the simplest, safest and most effective healing mode for the most contemporary veterinary care. Practitioners who are into this type of treatment is basically objective. It provides easy and fast application of technology that functions for the minimization of the length of time allocated for treatment. It also helps to master the healing technique with different scope of treatment applications yet to discover and appreciate.

What ailments or conditions are treated through the VOM application? There are routine treatments used for conditions such as progressive lameness, IV disc disease, Non Acute and Acute lameness, fecal and urinary incontinence. There are also other conditions that affect the overall health of your pets which could be healed by VOM. This includes Wobbler’s Disease, Esophageal, digestive disorders and endocrine diseases among others.

VOM is a very accurate treatment technique. Why? It basically determines and minimize practically all the neuronal subluxations. These are certain abnormalities which have pathological reflex on the areas linked with them. This type of pathological reflex referred to is deemed like a knee jerk reaction. It is basically a black or white case. You know if it is really there or if it is not, nothing in between.

VOM is primarily easy, uncomplicated and definitely not expensive. It is a technology that delves into the root causes of the dilemma and treats it upfront. It is a treatment application that boosts the innate healing ability of animals.

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