What is VJ day?

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What is VJ day?

VJ Day is short of Victory over Japan Day.  In some parts of the world, VJ Day is also referred to as Victory in the Pacific Day.  This particular day is a celebration for Japan’s declaration to surrender back in World War II.  By then, Japan’s action was considered to have ended World War II.  With Japans’ surrender, many parts of the world celebrate this very important day in world history.

It was in August 15, 1945 when Japan first announced to the world that they would surrender to allied troops led by the US, UK, and other countries.  In the UK, this day is considered their day of celebration or VJ Day.  Every anniversary thereafter, VJ Day is celebrated in the UK every August 15th.  There are however other celebrations of VJ Day on another date which is August 14.  This discrepancy in date basically stems to the fact that Japan actually announced their surrender on the 15th of August under their time zone, but in the US it was still August 14, 1945.  This explains why some VJ Day celebrations are also held on August 14th rather than every 15th.  In some areas, August 14 or 15 is referred to as some kind of Memorial Day for all heroes and soldiers that fought under the allied forces during World War II.

VJ Day is also celebrated every September 2nd.  On this day back in 1945, Japan supposedly signed the surrender document and this day makes it the official day that Japan ended World War II.  In the US, most VJ Day celebrations are held every 2nd of September.  Japan’s surrender was said to have taken place several months after the Nazi-ruled Germany surrendered to allied forces.  The formal ceremony was held in Tokyo Bay back in September 2, 1945 aboard the battleship called USS Missouri.

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