What is Virtue?

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What is Virtue?
Virtue refers to a character or trait of being morally right. When a person has virtue, he/she is said to promote well-being for oneself and for others. In its philosophical or religious sense, virtue pertains to acting under faith and love for God. It is like doing what God has created you to do and following His orders.

Virtue is related to having high moral standards or values. People have internal values and being able to apply them with the highest of standards is considered to be a trait or virtue.

One basic personal virtue is “acceptance”. This refers to being able to take what is happening in the environment. It involves subjecting oneself to agreeing with various situations in life without any attempts of changing them, ignoring them, or challenging them. Regardless if a person is subjected to some undesirable situation, having the virtue of acceptance means being able to accept and tolerate the situation without complaining. For persons having this virtue, they seem to just let the situation unfold itself and not stress out on the outcome or consequences.

Another example of virtue is the idea of “contentment”. This refers to some form of acceptance of what one is, what one has achieved, and what one’s abilities are. People have desires, needs, and wants but not all people are able to feel fulfilled and happy with what they have or with what they have achieved. Many long for more satisfaction and expect more from the environment. People who are “content” accept every situation whether favorable or not.

There are numerous other traits or virtues which are said to be good for a person to have. What is important is that people practice what they believe is good and be more tolerant of other people’s beliefs. In a world of many differences in beliefs and opinions, being able to accept that other people are different is essential in having peace and contentment in life.

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