What is Vevo?

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What is Vevo?
Vevo is simply a music video website, which was the end-result of the joint venture of music giants, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Abu Dhabi Media along with EMI. EMI has allowed its content to be licensed under the group. Moreover, the licensing took no ownership stake. Vevo was officially launched on December 8, 2009. Google and Vevo share revenue from the web since Vevo videos are syndicated across the World Wide Web.

As mentioned earlier, Vevo is owned by music label giants and they are always looking out for fresh ways to generate income. Moreover, they are always on the lookout for things that will stick their venture to their customers. Since these big names in the record industries are always vying for the profits, they came up with an idea to rake more cash from YouTube for using their music videos.

The agreement went well and the record industries made YouTube to agree. YouTube agrees to show all official music videos using Vevo. Even the artists have done or say anything about the agreement. Now, official YouTube pages of artists are appended with the name VEVO. As for an example, Lady Gaga’s official YouTube page is now viewed as LadyGagaVEVO.

This made a real mess to all old videos from YouTube. The agreement between the record companies and YouTube broke all the links to old YouTube videos. This resulted to non-working video links to websites and blogs, which formerly used YouTube video links. Everything had just stopped working and the remedy is to edit the links or have them embedded again to your web pages.

On the other hand, even with an ongoing partnership with YouTube, Vevo still hosts its own music video website. The music video site is similar to YouTube where users may search and play music videos. However, it was criticized to be short of content. Moreover, major artists are not even featured on the Vevo website and many critics ridiculed the web site.

YouTube had been negatively affected by the partnership with the recording companies in terms of technical difficulties. After YouTube played music videos from Vevo, the site had been plagued by terrible technical issues. Critics have tagged Vevo as total disaster.

To prove this terrible technical issue, you may see it and try for yourself. Try to visit the YouTube website and find any Vevo hosted music video. Watch the video until it finishes and you will find it to be frequently stopping at some point. The thing is that it is not the usual buffering problem that is sometimes encountered when playing YouTube videos.

Another problem that most YouTube viewers encounter is that once a video gets stuck, the viewer will have no chance to manually rewind or fast forward the video. The only remedy is to refresh the page and wait for the video to load again and watch the video again right from the start. YouTube must do something about this technical glitch or critics will be pointing fingers on them. This can really hurt the good reputation of the most famous video website on the net.

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