What is Vedic Astrology?

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What is Vedic Astrology?
Vedic Astrology is a type of astrology with Indian or Hindu origins. It is also known as “Jyotish”, which literally means light science. Writings on Vedic Astrology were said to be documented by Parasara and other ancient sages through what was called “Vedic texts”.

Vedic Astrology is also said to be divided into three branches. One branch is called “Siddhanta”, which is involved with ancient Indian astronomy. The second branch is called “Samhita”. This branch is involved with mundane predictions or astrology relating to various events involving governments and countries. These particular events include wars, elections and other political activities, and even earthquakes. The last branch is called “Hora” which pertains to the detailed version of predictive type of astrology.

“Vedic” as a word is derived from the Sanskrit “Veda” which means “knowledge”. This particular knowledge is said to be broad and covers all aspects of human existence, including spiritual, political, technical, cultural, and medical areas. Vedic as an astrology form is rooted in the basic law of karma. Karma refers to the lives of human beings which are said to be sort of programmed or as a result of actions done in past lives. It literally embraces the idea that what humans experience nowadays are a consequence to what has been done in the past, whether they are good or bad. And because of this correlation with activities that happened in the past lives affecting present circumstances, Vedic astrology also emphasizes spiritual growth through practice of good living and higher thought.

Astrology has been a big part of the Hindu way of living. Newborn babies are said to be given names that are based on astrological beliefs and Jyotish charts. Various parts of human lives like weddings, store openings, and home transfers among others are decided based on Vedic astrology writings. Today, some parts of the Western world have also adopted the theories and system of Vedic astrology for varying reasons that may include spiritual growth or improvement of the quality of life.

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