What is Vampirestat?

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Vampirestat refers to a spam site that regularly visits various blog sites and increase supposed traffic data to these sites.  For some people who get tricked by Vampirestat, they would often click the link provided by the site back to its own site and therefore increasing traffic to its own page. What annoys many people is that Vampirestat not only registers a false traffic on the blog site but its link also redirects to its own site which features ads and campaigns by some of its supposed clients.  In the commercial world of the internet, unwanted ads and links are basically annoying to most people.  Activities that are done by Vampirestat is considered a spamming technique which lure or trick people into clicking its own link thinking that it is a legitimate site.  Instead, bloggers are directed to a world of spam and unwanted ads that are featured on the Vampirestat website.

Many people across the globe are now into blogging or posting various articles on their own so-called blog sites.  These blog sites talk about various topics under the sun from food finds to fashion and self-help tips to topics on politics.  These sites wish to generate more traffic in terms of visits from actual people who visit their site.  The more traffic a site generates, the more lucrative the blogging business will be.  With spam sites like Vampirestat, many of these blogs get false reports with regards to their site visits and traffic.  Some companies wish increase site traffic and spread online ads and campaigns through spamming techniques like those that are done by Vampirestat.

Vampirestat and similar sites are also discovered to be programmed to automatically search and visit target blog sites.  This simply means that the site is not controlled by an actual person but rather is like a robot that is programmed to register to different blog sites over and over again.  This is done to get a better chance of many people clicking their own link and get their own increased visit and traffic.

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