What is uTorrent?

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What is uTorrent?

uTorrent is a program using bit torrent technology. Under the BitTorrent Protocol, files are downloaded quickly and easily.  Technically, uTorrent is a client of BitTorrent.  Meaning uTorrent follows the rules of a BitTorrent Protocol in areas like distribution of very large files, multiple files, popular files, and files available for free.  Using this technology is fast, cheap, and very efficient.

Typical straight-file-sharing programs involve one source of file and one receiver.  This setup usually takes a long time for uploading and/or uploading files.  In the bit torrent setup, one can download and upload files simultaneously.  It’s like having multiple sources for a single file you’re downloading.  Other people can also get parts or pieces of your file while you’re online.  This means that the BitTorrent protocol allows you to join other hosts or users to download and upload from each other simultaneously. This definitely speeds up the whole process.  And with so many people having different parts of the file/s you want, downloading them will be much easier and quicker.  This protocol also serves as an alternative means of distributing data with smaller computers like cellphones.  It can also be used by those with low bandwith, but are able to send files to many recipients.

uTorrent is just one of many BitTorrent clients.  It is also a freeware, wherein everybody can have free access to this technology.  uTorrent is available for both Windows and Mac computers.  Because of good reviews, performance, stability, and consistency, uTorrent has become one of the most popular BitTorrent clients.  But the recent 2010 version has met some controversy with its Conduit Engine.  This feature is currently being questioned for storage, collection, use, and abuse of personal data.  Others also have issues with user tracking and the integrity of search results with the user’s homepage changed and default search set to Conduit.

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