What is Unzip?

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What is Unzip?
Unzip is a term used to describe the utility which is utilized to list, test and extract files from the zip archive. It is vital to know what zip files are in order to determine and fully understand the concept of unzip files and utilities. Zip archives are basically found on the MS-DOS systems. You could find utilities including the zip package which are basically required to create zip archives.

To unzip a file, you must extract the data from the single zipped files or file archive with the similar feature. Moreover, if you encounter files in a certain package which are compressed and stored, unzipping could help in uncompressing these files to access them. One of the common online activities that need this process is when downloading programs or files. These are data which you download from certain freeware or shareware companies found in the internet. Most of these programs almost always send files which are basically zipped. You would know it because the files have the .zip extension or suffix.

Unzip is possible if you double click the files you download with the zipped features. This is because most programs or archives are designed with the self-extracting programs. Or you could find tons of popular tools created for zipping and unzipping certain files or archives. This includes commonly used and popular tools such as PKZIP utilized specifically for the DOS Operating system. You could also find WinZip programs from Windows and MacZip which is used in Macintosh.

How do you unzip a file? First, download the file you want and choose which ones you want to unzip. Then choose the internal data which you want to select for the extraction. Lastly, carefully choose the destination for the extracted file from the archive. This is actually all you need to do for the unzipping process.

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