What is Unicorn?

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What is Unicorn?

A unicorn is a mythical creature usually represented as a horse (usually pure white) with a horn on its forehead. However, classically speaking, a unicorn is also said to have cloven hooves, a billy-goat beard and a lion’s tail. The idea of a unicorn can be traced back to early Greek natural historians, who believed that unicorns can be found in the distant and mystical land of India. The unicorn is also mentioned in many passages in the bible, using the biblical name ‘re’em’. It is believed that this animal was inspired by the now extinct animal the auroch (‘powerful, fierce and untamable’), an ancestor of the modern cattle. The beast is portrayed in Mesopotamian art in profile, and only having one visible horn.
The unicorn is usually a symbol of purity and light, and is also sometimes used to symbolize fertility. It is said that the unicorn is a fierce, solitary, beautiful animal, which cannot be tamed and can only be captured by using unjust means. It is said that the unicorn’s only weakness are virgins, upon the sight of which they come and lay on their laps. During this time, the unicorn is then captured by men.
Many people centuries ago also believed in the healing properties of the unicorn. It has been said that crushed unicorn horn can counter poison. Others believed in the healing properties of unicorn body parts, while others believed that unicorns can tell if a woman is a virgin or not.

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