What Is UKIP?

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What Is UKIP?
When you live in the United Kingdom, more or less you do have the idea of what UKIP is. Well, you might even find yourself as one with them in terms of their ideologies and principles. UKIP stands for United Kingdom Independence Party. It has already gained popularity within UK and is now at par with other leading political parties. In fact, it has already beaten the governing Labour Party.

Basically, UKIP stands for different ideologies. This includes eurscepticism, populism, conservatism, classical liberalism and the like. They have strong foundations when it comes to their beliefs and they constantly campaign for their idealisms. In fact, it has been very strong that they gained many rulers already coming from the party. All over UK, UKIP has already taken the lead. They are also in support of current hot issues including free trade and flat tax rate.

As of now, Nigel Farage heads UKIP. He has been the leader of the party since 2006. Just this year, he was again re-elected for the same position. Currently, UKIP has 12 seats in the European Parliament, which is really quite a huge number for a not so veteran party. They also hold two in the House of Lords. Though this is not really a huge number, it is already enough for them to hold power on this level as well. In all, they have 75 councilors, councils, and other officials all over UK.

In the recent 2009 elections, they failed to get a seat, but generally had an increase in their number of votes. They also zoomed up to the fourth in terms of the popular vote from amongst so many parties. Well, UKIP took the lead and gained popularity by being consistent in their advocacies and making the people believe that it is high time for these beliefs to be furthered.

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