What is UID?

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What is UID?
UID stands for Universal Instruction Design. It is an innovative way of teaching to accommodate a diverse group of students, including those who are disabled. The process takes into account the differences in background or nature of the students, rather than create a single solution for all.

There are seven principles in the implementation of Universal Instruction Design. In the 1st principle, materials for instruction and class activities should be accessible and fair. On the 2nd, there should be flexibility. These first two principles relate to the unique backgrounds of the students and participation by each of them in every activity is important. Instructions must also be explicit (3rd) and supportive (4th) so materials are easily perceived. The 6th principle involves minimizing physical effort, especially unnecessary ones. The 7th principle meanwhile ensures there is enough learning space to accommodate the students and instructional methods.

UID must be delivered in varying ways and approaches. Teachings may involve lectures, projects, and hands-on activities, but one must make sure that these can be done by any student regardless of background. In terms of printed materials, the corresponding electronic format should also be available. Classroom discussions should also not be limited to face-to-face contact and internet chat rooms can be encouraged. Feedback to students is also very important to correct mistakes and misunderstandings. Students should also be provided with different options to demonstrate what they have learned. Aside from the usual written tests, group work or demos should also be practiced. In the case of facilities, one must make sure that rooms and activities are accessible even to those physically-disabled.

UID aims to identify and remove unnecessary obstacles to the teaching and learning process. With UID, learning is maximized for students of different backgrounds without the need for special accommodations. The whole process leads to a more efficient and effective way of teaching and learning.

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