What is UAE?

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What is UAE?
UAE or the United Arab Emirates is also known in its shortened form as The Emirates. It is an Arabic federation located in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The strategic location of the country is in the Southwest Asia bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf. It also shares its sea borders with other countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran and Iraq.

The UAE basically credits its geographical location with its role as a vital transit point for world class and ultimately important world crude oil. With their geographical setting, this country has hot and dry climate in general. July and August are the hottest months with 48 degrees centigrade temperature. January and February marks its lowest temperature with 10-14 degrees centigrade.

Although it has generally humid and hot climate with the lowest amount of annual rainfall, the United Arab Emirates also has its flora and fauna. You could typically see oases in the desert where acacia, date palms and eucalyptus trees grow and thrive. Flora is basically very sparse in the desert and would usually consist of thorn bushes and grasses. UAE is a place where there is also very few and even close to extinct fauna. This is due to the intensive and unlawful hunting in the desert. Some of the unique animals found in the country include leopards and Arabian Oryx. There are also aquatic and coastal fish consist of perch, tuna, mackerel and even whales and sharks.

UAE is an entity which enjoys open economy enjoying its reputation as one of the countries that have the highest per capita income. It also has a substantial annual trade surplus which is derived from its industrial improvement in the recent years. Most of all, it is still one of the leading suppliers of world crude oil.

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