What is Type A personality?

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What is Type A personality?
In describing people’s personalities, there is no absolute way to classify a person as one type and another as a different type. Due to different backgrounds and other environmental factors, it is quite hard to identify which person belongs to which type of personality. But in general, psychologists have named the basic two types of personality – Type A and Type B personalities.

Type A personalities usually involve a certain urgency for time. People who belong to this type typically value time and money so much, and they usually work so much to achieve great things. On the other hand, Type B people are a little more relaxed and don’t hurry themselves in doing things. They are said to be more flexible in dealing with life’s ups and downs.

Both types have good and bad traits in between them, but for those who want to achieve more in life, many speak of the Type A personality. An inherent part of Type A personalities is their value for time. These people usually do not want to be late for anything, do not want to let any time be wasted, and are somewhat obsessed with time. They tend to plan through time to get things done. For them, being able to do things according to plan and schedule is an achievement in itself. That’s why these people usually achieve great things in the workplace. Though they may seem impatient, their tenacity and perseverance over time usually pays off in the end.

But type A personalities have emotional issues too, since their self-worth is based on something they achieve and not on the things that they really are. This must have come from restrictions they experienced in their early lives. In every situation they feel they need to make something out of . They feel empowered and secure whenever they have money, which these personalities consider as a price after making effort and meeting standards.

Other people though have traits of both type A and type B personalities. It is not always precise to be strictly labeled as one type because of the many differences in attitude and background.

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