What is Type 2 diabetes?

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Type 2 diabetes is a type of diabetes that typically affects adults who have either insulin resistance or who don’t have enough insulin in their bloodstream to regulate glucose.  Under normal conditions, the amount of glucose in the bloodstream is regulated by the insulin.  When a person does not enough levels of this hormone, too much glucose or sugar in the bloodstream will lead to Type 2 diabetes.  There are also cases of this type of diabetes wherein the body itself resists or rejects the function of insulin in terms of regulating blood sugar.  When this happens, type 2 diabetes will also result.

Formerly referred to as adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is considered the most common type of diabetes in the world.  Millions of people across the globe suffer from this incurable disease.  Mostly affected by Type 2 diabetes are adults but more obese children are getting this disease in increasing numbers in recent times.  Obesity is often highly associated with high sugar levels in the blood and many people who are obese will also develop Type 2 diabetes.  If the sugar levels are not controlled or regulated, people with Type 2 diabetes will present with the classic symptoms of polyuria or increased urination frequency, polyphagia or increased desire to eat, polydipsia or increased thirst, and weight loss.  Many patients with Type 2 diabetes will also develop vision problems, recurrent infections, and body fatigue.  Serious cases of Type 2 diabetes will also affect peripheral nerves which will lead to impaired sensation.

With no cure for Type 2 diabetes, people are often prescribed with lifestyle changes to control the symptoms and the overall health of patients.  Proper diet and exercise are beneficial in terms of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.  Chronic cases of Type 2 diabetes may lead to serious complications like blindness, organ failures, and limb amputations among many others.

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