What is Tylenol 3?

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Tylenol 3

Tylenol 3 refers to a drug that is commonly prescribed by doctors to relieve pain. Tylenol 3 is prescribed to cure short-term discomfort as well as long-term conditions. Just as its name suggests, Tylenol 3 is a higher version of the more general Tylenol medicine that is easily accessible over the counter. Tylenol 3 contains high levels of codeine and can only be accessed when prescribed by a doctor. The usage and dosage of Tylenol 3 varies from one patient to another and prescription is provided based on a patient’s condition.

Components of Tylenol 3

Tylenol 3 contains 30mg of codeine phosphate and 300mg of acetaminophen. The Canadian version also contains 15mg caffeine which is not present in the American version. Both Canadian and American versions also have traces of sulfites. In its generic form, Tylenol 3 has acetaminophen hydrocodone which is a imitation of codeine. This means that the generic version may respond in a different way compared to the original hence it is important to read the indications and instructions on the package before use. Of importance to note is that continuous use of this drug can cause dependency due to the high content of codeine. This can cause very serious side effects and withdrawal symptoms including reduced drug effectiveness.

Drug Usage

Tylenol 3 is commonly used to relief moderate and mild pain that may be caused by dental issues, accidents, headache, surgery and menstruation. In some cases, it is prescribed as for alternate use to treat fever. Discuss the reason for uses in this case with your doctor. Since this is a strong medication, it is advisable not to stop or start taking this drug without a doctor’s supervision. People on this drug are also advised not to share the drug with others even where they exhibit similar symptoms as this may lead to allergic reactions or other complications. Usually 1 or 2 tablets of this medication are taken after every 4 hours. Dosage may be adjusted depending on the amount of pain and the size of the patient.

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