What is Tumblr?

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Tumblr is a very popular microblogging and social networking site that was made available back in 2007.  Its founder is David Karp and holds its main office in New York City, USA. By 2013, the Tumblr website along with it its rich content of more than 170 million blogs, was acquired by Yahoo! Incorporated.

The main feature of Tumblr is that it allows users and members to post anything like pictures, videos, and website links along with short stories called blogs.  Users of the site can design their own pages called Tumblelogs and populate them with any content that they prefer.  Some people use Tumblr to post various pictures with corresponding stories or blogs that relate to the pictures.  Other people meanwhile share videos or news articles that they have found online and put comments and details on them.  Being also a social media site, Tumblr also allows users to view, like, and make comments on other people’s posts or blogs.  With this feature, users of Tumblr will be able to read about the most popular blogs and posts in the site.  Sharing of other people’s blogs or microblogs is also allowed on Tumblr just like other social media sites.

The best feature of Tumblr is that it also allows integration with data coming from other social media or networking sites.  If a Tumblr user for example has other active accounts in other popular social media sites, he/she may also choose to link the Tumbler account with these sites.  With this feature, a person’s own Tumblelog will be able to receive so-called online feeds from other social networking sites.  Having a Tumblr account is similar to having access to a personal webpage with highly customizable content and features. There is also no concern in terms of security and privacy because users can easily set their blogs and other posts to be viewed privately or shared with other people.

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