What is TMail?

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What is TMail?
TMail refers to the email service offered to users and subscribers of T-Mobile phones, particular the “Sidekick” models which allow for personalization and is built for optimal web surfing activities. When a T-Mobile phone user is talking about his TMail account, he/she is actually referring to his very own email account.

The T-Mobile Sidekick lines have become very popular because this phone lines allow users to customize shells according to their mood and tastes. But aside from customizable external features, T-Mobile Sidekick also allows for personal and individual settings for Instant Messaging. In this type of service, a user is permitted to create his/her own chat group and put personal messages as his/her status. And since this line is designed for optimal web experience, models are featured with a full QWERTY keyboard with WQVGA screen developed by using HD LCD technology. It also has Bluetooth support and allows for faster and easier downloads.

With the increasing number of people wanting to check emails on the go, phones like the T-Mobile Sidekick line provide the email service needed by clients. This service is called TMail and has already helped many users get access to their messages instantly whenever and wherever they are. Users just need to have their TMail accounts active so they can access their emails through their T-Mobile phones. But since email services such as TMail is not part of regular text or instant messaging service, users must have internet connection to browse through their TMail accounts. It could either be the T-Mobile Hotspot, T-Mobile Internet, or T-Zone. But T-Mobile also offers an add-on service for Sidekick users. For a fixed additional monthly fee, users may be able to enjoy unlimited text messaging, multimedia (graphic) messaging, internet access, and T-mail access. For a minimal fee, T-Mobile Sidekick users will have 24/7 access to the internet and their Tmail accounts.

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