What is TLS?

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An abbreviation of Transport Layer Security, TLS is a security protocol that makes sure that there exists some privacy between the applications of communication and its users on the internet. The communication process occurs between a server and the client, and when the communication takes place, this protocol ensures that there is no leakage of information through this communication and also ensures that there is no third party between the server and the client that might cause eavesdropping.


Its composition is not very much complex. Two layers known as TLS handshake protocol and TLS record protocol are involved in the composition of a TLS. The function of TLS record protocol is to provide security for the connection with the help of some encryption method.DES (Data encryption method) is one such method through which connection security can be obtained. One useful thing about using TLS record protocol is that it can also be used without the involvement of any encryption method. On the other hand, TLS handshake protocol gives a facility to both the client and server to recognize each other and set up some cryptographic keys and encryption algorithm before the exchange of data between client and server. The Netscape’s SSL 3.0 protocol is actually the basis of TLS protocol. It works on the mechanism that allows TLS to submit to SSL 3.0. TLS is always supported by the most recent browsers over the internet that can provide enough space and speed to the TLS protocol. Among the uses of TLS, the most prominent one is the security of World Wide Web. It actually ensures the traffic between the browser and the website, which is carried by HTTP and later on converted to HTTPS. Some prominent applications that are associated with TLS protocol are asset management and electronic commerce.

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