What is TJX?

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TJX is one of the biggest names in the global retail industry.  TJX is officially known as The TJX Companies, Inc and is based in Massachusetts in the USA.  This company is known for its off-price department store concept.  Most people can buy a variety of clothing and apparel at TJX stores across the globe.  The company is also famous for home goods and supplies.

TJX originally started off with the name “Zayre” in 1956.  Back then, the company is already popular among its US customers because of its discount and off-price concept.  Around 20 years later, the first TJ Maxx store was opened and this led to the increased growth of the company.  From its humble beginnings of only 2 TJ Maxx stores in Massachusetts, the company has grown to become one of the largest retailers in the US and even the world.  Its original concept of discounted items became very popular among mid-income families in the Massachusetts area.  From TJ Maxx stores, the company was able to open other units like HomeGoods and Marshalls.  Expansion of the company also resulted to several store openings in other countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany among many others.  The Zayre name was eventually taken out, and at present, TJ Maxx and other brand stores are now under one big company called TJX Companies, Inc. or simply TJX.

The original concept of TJX stores was the discount offerings and bargain shopping.  As the company grew over and more brands were created, TJX also ventured into more upscale clothing lines and home goods with some of its brands.  With more than 3000 stores to its credit, TJX also began to have online presence took advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping by setting up websites for some of its brands that are available in the US and many countries in Europe.  With global presence, TJX Companies Inc. is listed as the top 115 company in the Fortune 500 listings.

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