What is the Meaning of Bom Sabado?

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What is the Meaning of Bom Sabado?
Bom Sabado means ‘good Saturday’ in Portuguese. It is the name of a virus that is affecting social networking site Orkut. Orkut is operated by Google Inc., and while not popular in the west, it is widely used in countries like Brazil and India.

The Bom Sabado virus affected Okrut late September of 2010 and the virus is believed to have originated in Brazil. Brazilians account for about  48% of Orkut’s users. The virus caused a big number of users to automatically and randomly flood their contacts’ scrapbooks (equivalent to the ‘wall’ in Facebook) with the message ‘Bom Sabado!’

There was a set of measures recommended to users affected by the virus in order to get their Orkut pages working right again. They were advised to switch to an older version of Orkut and then to log off. Cleaning of the systems cache and cookies should be done next, followed by logging in once more and then changing the password and security question.
As of today, Google has reported that the Bom Sabado virus has been contained and that they are working at restoring affected profiles. Similarly, Google also reports that the Bom Sabado virus has not compromised any user information in Orkut. However, variants of the Bom Sabado virus have reportedly been appearing Orkut.

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