What is The Law of Growth?

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There are some things that are and have through out the history of man been considered universal truths. No matter which part of the world you go to and regardless of the generation that is examined, these ideologies have always been true. Just like the law of gravity which is a force that we all have to contend with, there are a number of other laws that hold true to everyone who lives or has lived. They may be said in some strange language or indirectly by use of proverbs and other such means but around the world these law are accepted facts.

The law of growth is one of these important truths that has been with us over the generations and continues to hold true even to this day. This law is simply put as, ‘Every seed planted has a harvest.’ There are a number of variations to this statement though it basically states as above. A scientific equivalent might be closer to Newton’s law on motion where every action generates a reaction or the cause and effect theory. For those more comfortable with computers it would be in the lines of, every input will yield an out put.

The law of growth does not determine quality of life but rather simply ensures that there will be growth whose quality is subject to the type and standards of seed planted. Every seed is bound to generate new life at the best time possible according to the universal laws of nature. The law of growth is exclusively about reproduction while the nature and quality of harvest are entirely dependent on the type of seed that was involved in the processes.

This law of growth works in tandem with other laws of nature such as the law of attraction,  the law of vibration, the law of abundance as well as others. The talk of seeds and harvest should not be taken literally since it is also a figurative aspect in our lives. Depending on what you are exposed to and how you respond to it, you will have many seeds planted into your life. Some of these seeds are going to have negative impact on your life while others are going to have a positive bearing on you. It has been said that you cannot give what you do not have. If you are full of positive thoughts, there is no doubt that you will be successful. However if these thoughts are mainly driven by a fear of failure in one way or the other you are bound to fail.

Those who have learnt how to embrace the law of growth and continually plant the right seeds into their lives have achieved great and limitless success, joy, peace and fulfillment. It is not a new concept nor is it something that requires unattainable resources. It is actually something that will bring into your life a harvest that is beyond what you have ever imagined and all this is simply by planting the right seeds into your life and waiting for the law of growth to take its course.

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