What is The Illuminati?

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What is The Illuminati?

The Illuminati or ‘the enlightened one(s)’ refers to a secret organization that was founded in the 18th century by radical thinkers in Bavaria. The term also refers to the members of the group. While not proven, many conspiracy theorists believe that Illuminati still exist up to today, influencing many major decisions that affect the world.
The Illuminati actually existed even though they have been placed in an almost mythical esteem. The group was originally founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria. Weishaupt, a philosopher, originally named The Illuminati the ‘Order of the Perfectibilists’ and adopted the name ‘Brother Spartacus within the organization. The intent behind forming the Illuminati was to abolish monarchies and state religions in Europe and its colonies.
Over the next decades, many other Illuminati groups sprang up across Europe and even the US, and there is widespread belief that many illustrious and powerful individuals were members of these secret societies including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill.
Today, The Illuminati is still very much alive in popular culture, if not in society. Many conspiracy theories, movies, video games and internet websites are dedicated to The Illuminati. More Recently, The Illuminati’s popularity has gained traction once more, because of the popular contemporary novel Angels and Demons by author Dan Brown, where the original theme that revolves around conspiracies, power behind the throne, ‘the enlightened’ versus the church, was once again played out.

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