What is the Holy Spirit?

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What is the Holy Spirit?
The holy spirit is a Christian concept, and is one of the three persons of God. The other two are the god the father and god the son. The holy spirit is usually also referred to as the holy ghost.

For many non-Christians, and frankly for many Christians alike, the concept of the holy trinity is hard to grasp. One group provides as analogy with water, which exists in three states: solid, liquid and vapor. Each is still water, but in different form. Christians view Jesus, god the father and the holy spirit as different personifications of one god.

The holy spirit is believed by Christians to be the source of Jesus Christ’s existence, as evident in the passage from the Apostles’ Creed which reads: ”¦ he was conceived by the power of the holy spirit, born of the Virgin Mary’¦’. The holy spirit is also believed to preside over convincing a sinner of his sinfulness, and with this conviction, brining himself before God for reformation or justice. The holy spirit is also said to be responsible for the conversion of non-believers into Christian believers, as well as the guiding force behind people in order for them to be able to differentiate what is right from what is wrong.

The holy spirit is oftentimes illustrated as a white dove, which is said to have descended upon him after his baptism to remain with him. It is also the symbol for purity and harmlessness.

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