What Is The Goddess Of Athena

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Athena is considered to be the goddess of wisdom as well as military victory in the Greek mythology. She was the half-sister of Hercules and the patron of a city which is also named after her. Zeus, and metis who were a nymph are considered to be her parents according to the mythology.


According to a prophecy which was heard by Zeus, Metis was supposed to give birth to a child after she gave birth to Athena and was supposed to become the lord of the heaven. In order to make sure that it doesn’t happen, Zeus swallowed her at the time when she was pregnant with Athena.

It is said that at the time of Athena’s birth, Hephaistos who was a smith god, opened the head of Zeus with his personal axe. It was then that Athena stepped out of it and that also in full armor.

Throughout the Greek mythology, Athena appears at several points trying to help a number of different heroes which may include and are not confined to Jason and Perseus. An aegis, which basically happens to be a shield made up of goatskin with fringe of snakes is what she wore. Gorgon Medusa, whose face had the capability to turn anyone into stone, was killed by Perseus and the head of Medusa was given to Athena who then places it on her aegis.

Athena did also help Hercules at a number of his labors. She was the one who gave Hercules the Krotala which was used by him in order to scare the stymphalian birds. She was also the one to knock him unconscious with a stone when he got insane, killed his children, and was going after Amphitryon, who according to the mythology was the mortal father of the hero.

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