What is the Dougie?

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What is the Dougie?
The “Dougie” is a style of street dancing that became recently popular in the US with the release of the song “My Dougie” by the artist Lil’Wil. The dancing craze was said to have started in Dallas and has continued to gain popularity among young people and the hip-hop community. The “Dougie” dance became even more popular with the great success of the song “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District, a hip hop group in the US. This particular song was released in the first quarter of 2010 through the label Capitol Records. This song talked about the original “Dougie” dance and reached Top 10 in Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs and Hot R&B-Hip-Hop Song Charts. It also cracked the Top 30 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart.

The original “Dougie” was a reference to Doug E. Fresh, a popular hip hop and rap artist back in the 1980s. Back in his heydays, Doug E. Fresh was also an album producer and a great beatboxer. Back then, he also became famous for his dance moves which involved some shoulder leaning, elbow twisting, and jerking movements. And of course, the dance move wouldn’t be complete without the signature “Dougie” move wherein one will sort of “freshen up” by movements to mimic brushing the hair up and brushing the shoulders off.

To learn how to do the “Dougie”, one just needs the right hip hop music and the right attitude to feel the beat of the music. The basic dance starts with the body moving from side to side and then later having the arms do some jerky motions. The dance basically involves a lot of freestyling and the only thing that sets it apart from other hip hop or dance moves is the trademark “Dougie” style brushing off the shoulder and the hair.

The song ‘Teach me how to Dougie’ was released in several remix versions featuring A-list artists like Sean Kingston, Ludacris, and Bow Wow among others. This has further contributed to the dance move’s popularity.

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