What Is The Ayurvedic Diet

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Ayurveda has been practiced in South Asia for 5000 years; it is a time tested and herbal way of living a better life. Ayurvedic medicines, cosmetic products and books related to this concept have always been in demand, because this science does not use chemical treatments which are harsh. It also does not have side effects.

The basic features of an Ayurvedic diet can be understood after learming a few basic points. Ayurveda deals with energies, so it is crucial to keep in mind the three Dosha, namely, Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha. Striking a balance between these Doshas is a must in order to maintain good health and stability. Another point which needs to be highlighted is that in Ayurveda there are five elements which make up the universe and the body: space (akasha), fire (agni), water (apu), air (vayu), and earth (prithvi).

According to many nutritionists, an Ayurvedic diet is one of the safest and fastest paths to good health. With this method, one does not have to guess what kind of food or exercises would suit their body type. Instead this diet provides for a simple and hassle free method to find out what kind of food, exercises, supplements, etc are best for one’s unique body type. This is a holistic yet scientific approach towards a healthy lifestyle. In order to know one’s Dosha, he/she must visit an Ayurvedic practitioner; another way is by taking an online quiz. These help one with an insight to their predominant Doshas. It is common that a person may have more than one Dosha, however one of them always dominates.

People with Kapha Dosha have large body types. They tend to have wavy/curly hair, large hips, broad shoulders etc. Exercise is very important for them; it helps them to stay stable. They must avoid rich, fatty food, and sweets, because of their sluggish metabolism rate. People with Pitta Dosha are of medium build. They are physically more toned, have a reddish complexion and have a tendency to feel warm. People with this Dosha must avoid acidic fruits, alcohol, vinegar, etc.

People with Vatta Dosha have a slender frame; they do not gain weight easily. They must avoid carbonated drinks, raw vegetables, crunchy food, etc. Instead they must add nuts, milk, butter and ghee to their daily diet.

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