What is the Amazon Kindle?

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What is the Amazon Kindle?
The Amazon Kindle is a convenient hand-held device that enables users to read eBooks. An eBook, short for electronic book is a complete publication of text and images but in a digital format.

The Amazon Kindle is one of the major eReaders on the market with wireless internet connectivity. The wireless capability allows users to connect to the internet and browse for readable data. In addition, the Kindle is capable of displaying blogs, magazines, newspapers as well as eBooks. In fact, the Kindle can display any text as long as it is available in digital media format. Content for the Amazon Kindle can be downloaded from any website.

The first generation Kindle was released in exclusively in the United States in 2007, priced around $400. The debut of the Kindle proved successful as it sold out the same day and remained out of stock until April of 2008. The second generation Kindle faired well in the market, however, it was replaced with the international version and the Kindle DX.

The international version of the Kindle, offered service to its users in over 100 countries and operated on a GMS network platform. The international Kindle sold for under $200. The Kindle DX, released in May 2009, added the capability of reading simple .pdf files to the eReader. The DX was priced at $379.

The most recent Amazon Kindle to hit the market comes in two versions and sells for $139 and $189 respectively. The Kindle Wi-Fi version allows users to connect to the internet using any available wireless connection. The other rendition of the Kindle is built on a 3G platform. The platform is the same that most wireless phones use to connect calls and to the internet. The 3G network allows the Kindle to connect to the internet anywhere cell phone service is accessible.

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