What is TFP Modeling?

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What is TFP Modeling?
TFP Modeling means Time for Prints modeling where a particular model basically does not receive any cash for spending her time for the shoot. She rather receives image prints or pictures from the said shoot as her compensation.

Although both models and photographers do not get an hourly or per-session fee, they still gain great benefits from it. For models, this is a good chance to increase their portfolio and add images for their portfolio expansion with only time as their expenditure. For photographers, they do this in order to gain precious experience particularly in shooting model portfolios.

It is the best option especially for models without prior or a substantial amount of experience. In fact, all participants of this type of shoot and modeling do it in hopes of producing great and high quality images for their respective portfolios. These are must-have images which they could simply obtain for self promotion in getting paying jobs and more of those earning opportunities.

TFP modeling is the industry dominated by both amateur models and photographers. Although you could also find professional photographers working with amateur models who could not afford to pay their usual rates. However, the professionals find the beginners quite intriguing especially their previous works or looks.

It is the type of modeling which does not instantly or always produces quality images. However, it does not mean that you would not find quality shoots with TFP modeling. In fact, there are ‘amateur photographers’ which are only considered ‘beginners’ because they do not do this as a ‘paying job’. They may also lack the proper equipment equal to those of most professional photographers. However, it does not necessarily mean that they do not have the talent and skills to produce images worthy of a callback from agencies or pro shooters.

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